3 trades we are glad the Edmonton Oilers avoided at the deadline

Explore the three potential trades the Oilers sidestepped at the trade deadline.

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Oilers could have had Chris Tanev
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The search to upgrade the defense

The Edmonton Oilers are no strangers to the perennial pursuit of defensive upgrades. Whether it's bolstering the goaltending or shoring up the blue line, the quest for defensive stability has been a recurring theme for the team in recent years. Following a savvy trade during last year's deadline that brought in Mattias Ekholm, fans were hopeful for a similar impact acquisition this season to solidify the second pairing.

One name that generated considerable buzz leading up to the deadline was defenseman Chris Tanev of the provincial rival Calgary Flames. Imagining Tanev in Oilers colors sparked intrigue among fans, but the feasibility of such a trade and the potential asking price from the Flames remained uncertain.

The prospect of adding Tanev to the Oilers' defensive corps seemed tantalizing on the surface. Known for his defensive acumen and ability to log significant minutes, Tanev appeared to be the ideal candidate to provide stability and experience on the second pairing. However, questions lingered about how much of an upgrade he would represent over the Oilers' existing options, namely Cody Ceci, Brett Kulak, or Vincent Desharnais.

While Tanev's addition would undoubtedly bolster the Oilers' defensive depth, the potential impact of such a trade remained a topic of debate among fans and analysts alike. Would Tanev's presence be enough to elevate the Oilers' blue line to championship caliber status, or would the team be better served by exploring other avenues to address their defensive needs?

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In the end, the trade deadline passed without any movement on the Tanev front, leaving both Oilers and Flames fans to grapple with the what-ifs and hypotheticals. While the rivalry between the two Alberta teams will undoubtedly continue to simmer, the potential for a blockbuster trade involving a key player like Tanev served as a reminder of the ever-changing landscape of the NHL and the unpredictability of the trade deadline frenzy.