3 things to watch for as Oilers head out for three-game West coast trip

As the Oilers prepare to return to action on Thursday night, we look at three things which will help shape their road trip out West to California.
Edmonton Oilers v New Jersey Devils
Edmonton Oilers v New Jersey Devils / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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3) More of the same as last time

In a season of erratic form up to this point for the Oilers, the previous encounter with the Ducks stands out. It was one of the few games this season where they displayed the dominant form which was on display so much more frequently last season.

When it was all said and done, the Oilers had beaten the Ducks 8-2, in what was the second of eight consecutive wins. The game also represented season highs for goals scored and margin of victory.

Now we're not going to suggest the Oilers will dominate as much this time around, in part due to the game being played in Anaheim rather than Edmonton. However, they should still really be coming away with another win.

The Ducks have been poor in general this season, with them entering the Christmas break tied for the second-fewest points in the NHL. The Senators are the other team on just 24 points, but they have played four fewer games.

In addition, the Ducks have been the poorest team in the NHL at home so far this season; yes, even wose than the Sharks and Blackhawks. As things stand, they have the worst home record in the league, with the fewest wins (5) and most losses (12).

For what it's worth, last season the Oilers beat the Ducks 6-2 and 3-1 respectively in Anaheim, and those wins were both with Jack Campbell in goal! The point is there will be little excuse if they don't beat the Ducks again on Sunday night, even allowing for it being the Oilers' second game in two days.

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Overall, nothing less than two wins out of three will be unacceptable for the Oilers. And really, they need to be winning all three games if they are to finally get truly back into the playoff race.