3 reasons Evander Kane could be key for the Oilers at the trade deadline

As the Oilers look for ways to make a move ahead of the Mar. 8 trade deadline, there are several reasons why it would make sense to offload Evander Kane.
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3) Reported dressing room rift

Another aspect which has impacted Kane's erratic play, is a perceived inability to gel with Leon Draisaitl on the Oilers' second line. This theory was given live by a heated discussion between the two players on the bench during a recent game.

As a result of the lack of cohesion between the duo, Kane has also spent time playing on the third line, hence contributing to his decreased ice time. This has in turn resulted in him becoming increasingly frustrated.

In fact, as per Rupert McDonald of The Hockey Writers, this has led to reports that Kane is causing a rift in the Oilers' dressing room. Certainly you can understand why this speculation would be out there, given his past issues at various stops around the NHL.

However, there is the possibility any alleged rift has been blown out of proportion, because of the 2009 fourth overall draft pick's past. Certainly he's been a model citizen for the most part during his time in Edmonton, being active in the community and mentioning how grateful he is to the Oilers' organisation, for giving him a chance.

Further, it's entirely understandable why a talented player would be frustrated, given his lack of ice time. However, this frustration arguably also extends towards himself, with Kane's lack of production and inability to form a better partnership with Draisaitl.

Ironically, Draisaitl is probably the closest equivalent to Kane, when it comes to an Oilers player expressing their frustration or displeasure in such a visual manner. The difference is though, that the 2020 Hart Memorial Trophy winner has continually produced on the ice more consistently.

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However, even taking all of this into account, the Oilers may well still be nervous that Kane could easily cause issues for a team focused on winning the Stanley Cup this season. And if there is any doubt about the player acting up in the face of adversity as he has done previously, maybe it is best to be on the safe side and move him.

Of course, there's the not so small matter of another team being willing to take on that risk. Overall though, when combined with the other two reasons, the Oilers are arguably best served aiming to trade Kane prior to the 1 p.m. MT deadline on Mar. 8.

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