3 players you shouldn't expect the Edmonton Oilers to trade for

We explore the latest Edmonton Oilers trade rumors and discover why three players in particular are unlikely to be involved in the mix.
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An old nemesis in Corey Perry

The Edmonton Oilers are riding high on another impressive winning streak, infusing the team and its fans with renewed optimism for a successful season. As the trade deadline approaches, anticipation looms over potential roster moves that could further elevate the team's chances in the postseason. One name that surfaced in trade talks back in December was Corey Perry, a seasoned forward recently cut loose by the Chicago Blackhawks.

When the Chicago Blackhawks parted ways with Perry, the rumor mill immediately linked the veteran forward to the Edmonton Oilers. The prospect of adding a player with Perry's experience and goal-scoring ability can be enticing, especially for a team eyeing a deep playoff run. However, it's essential to delve into the potential challenges and assess whether Perry aligns with the Oilers' current needs and team dynamics.

The Oilers, in their pursuit of adding depth to the forward lines, must carefully consider the impact on the team's locker room dynamics. Changing the chemistry and cohesion that has fuelled the current winning streak could be a risky move. While Perry brings undeniable skill and experience, the Oilers must weigh the potential disruption to the team's current rhythm.

The abrupt departure of Perry from the Blackhawks remains shrouded in mystery. Unclear circumstances surround his release, and any potential off-ice issues could pose a challenge for the Oilers. Maintaining a positive and focused locker room atmosphere is crucial during a playoff push, making it imperative for the Oilers to avoid any unnecessary disruptions.

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As the trade deadline approaches, the Oilers' front office must exercise prudence in evaluating potential acquisitions. While Perry's name may have been linked to the team, a careful examination of fit, team dynamics, and the circumstances of his departure from Chicago is essential. Making decisions that enhance the team's depth without compromising its existing chemistry should be the priority.