3 players you shouldn't expect the Edmonton Oilers to trade for

We explore the latest Edmonton Oilers trade rumors and discover why three players in particular are unlikely to be involved in the mix.

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A Tyson Barrie reunion

As the Edmonton Oilers approach the trade deadline with aspirations of fortifying their defensive unit, one familiar name has resurfaced in trade talks — Tyson Barrie. The former Oilers defenceman, traded during last season's deadline, is once again linked to the team as a potential solution to upgrade the defensive corps.

During last season's trade deadline, the Oilers made a strategic move by dealing Barrie to the Nashville Predators in exchange for Mattias Ekholm. The trade proved instrumental in bolstering the team's defensive capabilities, ultimately securing their spot in the playoffs. While Barrie's departure was a calculated decision, recent trade rumors suggest a potential return to the Oilers.

Barrie is undeniably a skilled offensive defenceman, known for his prowess in generating scoring opportunities from the blue line. However, the key reason behind Barrie's departure last season was the team's need to shore up its defensive capabilities. The Oilers recognized the importance of a more well-rounded defensive presence, and Ekholm's arrival addressed that need.

The Oilers currently boast a rising star on the defensive end in Evan Bouchard. The young defenceman has showcased tremendous potential, particularly in offensive contributions. Bringing back Barrie, another offensive-minded defenceman, risks creating redundancy in the defensive lineup.

The Oilers' primary challenge lies in preventing goals rather than scoring them. Acquiring a right-shot defenceman is crucial to upgrading Cody Ceci and bringing balance to the defensive pairings. The team needs a player with a strong defensive presence, capable of complementing the offensive capabilities already present in the lineup.

Instead of revisiting the past with Barrie, the Oilers should explore alternative options in the trade market. Securing a right-shot defenceman with a focus on defensive reliability will address the team's immediate needs and contribute to a more well-rounded defensive unit.