3 players you shouldn't expect the Edmonton Oilers to trade for

We explore the latest Edmonton Oilers trade rumors and discover why three players in particular are unlikely to be involved in the mix.
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A 1B goalie in Jake Allen

The Edmonton Oilers are on a mission to secure a netminder before the approaching trade deadline, acknowledging the critical role goaltending plays in their postseason aspirations. While dreams of finding the perfect goaltending solution swirl in the air, one name that should not be on the Oilers' radar is Montreal Canadiens' netminder, Jake Allen.

The Oilers' recent experience with Jack Campbell underscored the importance of a reliable goaltender between the pipes. The Campbell experiment, unfortunately, did not yield the desired results, emphasizing the need for a goaltender who can serve as a stabilizing force for the team.

The Oilers' goaltending situation is further complicated by the need to support sophomore netminder Stuart Skinner. While Skinner has showcased exceptional talent and performances recently, the playoffs revealed potential fatigue issues. Relying solely on Skinner to carry the load may not be a sustainable strategy for a deep playoff run, prompting the need for an experienced goaltender to share the burden.

Allen, the Montreal Canadiens' netminder, has been a reliable presence for his team, but recent developments have seen him take a back seat to Sam Montembeault. Acquiring Allen for the Oilers may not be the ideal move, especially if the intention is to secure a goaltender who can challenge for the starting role. Investing in a netminder who is currently playing second fiddle may not provide the upgrade needed to bolster the Oilers' goaltending situation.

The Oilers need to set their sights on a goaltender who can bring a significant upgrade to the team, both in terms of skill and experience. Whether it's a seasoned veteran or a rising star, the acquisition must enhance the goaltending duo, providing the Oilers with a reliable tandem capable of navigating the challenges of a playoff push.

As the Edmonton Oilers actively pursue a goaltending solution, it's imperative to make strategic decisions that align with the team's playoff ambitions. While Allen has proven his worth in the league, the current situation in Montreal suggests that he may not be the right fit for the Oilers' needs. The team must remain vigilant in the search for a netminder who can not only support Skinner but also contribute as a potential starter if required. With the trade deadline approaching, the Oilers' goaltending quest will undoubtedly be a focal point, and the decision-makers must choose wisely to fortify the team's chances in the postseason.