3 Players That Could Be Bought Out By The Edmonton Oilers

In the NHL there is nothing worse than dead cap, but for the Edmonton Oilers they might have to spend money in order to open up some much need cap space.
Edmonton Oilers goaltender Jack Campbell (36) makes a save
Edmonton Oilers goaltender Jack Campbell (36) makes a save / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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Today is the first day in the offseason where outside of trades teams in the NHL can make changes in their roster to try and help their team move forward. With the first buyout window opening today there could be some players without a team right away. For the Edmonton Oilers, there are a couple of players that could be bought out in order to save this team some money on the cap.

There is no secret, but the Oilers, are looking to be tight against the salary cap ceiling. They do have a couple of contracts that right now do not look very good. While in theory. you could buy out any player there are some contracts that when being bought out do not offer a useful amount of savings.

In my opinion, the Edmonton Oilers are going to buy out at least one player this offseason. In a perfect world, the Oilers trade him away so that they don't have dead cap space a couple of seasons down the road, but this is not a perfect world. I have put together a list of 3 players that could be bought out by the Oilers this offseason.

Cody Ceci

When it comes to buying out a player buying out Cody Ceci, is one where you would save a decent amount of money and the repercussions of the buyout would only last one season past this current one. Right now Ceci has a cap hit of $3.25 million, if they were to buy him out the new cap hit would be only $916,667 for this season. Which would be a savings of $2.33 million this season.

The buyout fee in the following season though could end up hurting the Edmonton Oilers. Coming in with a dead cap hit of $1.166 million, that is enough to sign a depth player or to have a player on his entry-level contract on the roster. At the end of the day if the Oilers want out of the Ceci contract looking for a trade partner would be the best route. His cap hit is low and he can still contribute on the ice, so a team could use him.