3 Oilers Who Need To Have Break Out Series Against The Florida Panthers

The Edmonton Oilers start their final step to a Stanley Cup. Here are three players who need to step up.
Edmonton Oilers left wing Evander Kane (91)
Edmonton Oilers left wing Evander Kane (91) / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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Corey Perry

Corey Perry stands as a seasoned veteran and a crucial asset for the Edmonton Oilers. With his wealth of playoff experience and reputation as a clutch performer, Perry's presence is indispensable as the Oilers strive for success in this series. His contributions, both on and off the ice, will be pivotal if the team is to make a deep playoff run.

Throughout the playoffs, Perry has showcased his ability to make significant plays when it matters most. In his 13 games, Perry has tallied 0 goals and 1 assist, underscoring his offensive prowess. However, his influence extends beyond the stat sheet. Perry's tenacity and leadership have been evident, with his plus/minus rating of -2, he has struggled, by yet the coach has put him in the lineup.

Perry’s role becomes even more crucial when considering the Oilers' overall performance. The team has struggled with consistency, and Perry’s experience is invaluable in stabilizing the squad. Younger players look up to him, and his ability to guide them through the pressures of playoff hockey cannot be overstated. Coach Kris Knoblauch's decision to keep Perry on the top lines is a testament to his trust in Perry’s abilities and leadership.

For the Oilers to advance, Perry needs to continue elevating his game. His knack for scoring timely goals and creating opportunities for his teammates is critical. Moreover, Perry’s defensive play, often overshadowed by his offensive highlights, is essential in neutralizing the opponents' top threats. His physicality and ability to agitate opponents provide the Oilers with a psychological edge.

Off the ice, Perry's leadership is just as impactful. Known for his work ethic and determination, Perry can set a standard in the locker room. His playoff experience, including a Stanley Cup victory and multiple deep runs, gives him a unique perspective that he shares with his teammates. This mentorship is crucial in maintaining team morale and focus during the high-stress environment of the playoffs.

Corey Perry's role for the Edmonton Oilers cannot be understated. His offensive contributions, defensive reliability, and veteran leadership are key components of the team's strategy. As the playoffs progress, Perry's ability to perform in critical moments will be vital. His experience and poise under pressure are assets that could very well determine the outcome of the series and the Oilers' quest for another championship.

Oilers settle in as betting underdogs to win the Stanley Cup. Oilers settle in as betting underdogs to win the Stanley Cup. dark. Next

While the series has yet to start there are lots of things that will end up deciding the fate of this series. While the Oilers are betting underdogs, they are not underdogs but not too much. I think the Oilers have a good chance to win their first cup since the early 90's and it all starts Saturday.