3 Potential trade landing spots for Oilers defenceman Cody Ceci

We explore three potential trade destinations for blue-liner Cody Ceci, as the Edmonton Oilers attempt to free up some space for next season's salary cap.
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Struggling franchise

The signings that the Oilers made to open the free agency signalled that the team meant business and is determined to do everything possible to reach their ultimate goal: hoisting the Stanley Cup at the end of next season. However, with very little money to play with, Jackson will have to look elsewhere to get the cap relief the team needs.

One particular spot the Oilers can look at is trading Ceci and his $3.25 million salary to a team in desperate need of improvement. The team we are looking at is the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres have been a struggling franchise for most of the decade and have yet to make significant moves at the start of free agency to improve their roster.

Adding a minutes-eating defenseman like Ceci, would help alleviate some of the Sabres' concerns on the blue line. Ceci, known for his durability and ability to play significant minutes, could provide the stability that Buffalo's defense sorely lacks. His experience and leadership would be valuable assets for a young and developing team like the Sabres, who need reliable veterans to guide their emerging talents.

The Sabres would benefit from Ceci's presence. This would allow Buffalo to develop their younger players more gradually, without overburdening them early in their careers. Ceci's ability to provide consistent defensive play would be a significant upgrade for a team that has struggled with defensive issues in recent years.

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