3 Potential trade landing spots for Oilers defenceman Cody Ceci

We explore three potential trade destinations for blue-liner Cody Ceci, as the Edmonton Oilers attempt to free up some space for next season's salary cap.
Edmonton Oilers v Dallas Stars - Game One
Edmonton Oilers v Dallas Stars - Game One / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Rebuilding team

There is no denying that the Oilers must find a way to shed some money to avoid going over the cap before the start of next season. Jackson will surely explore all options to secure cap relief, and trading Ceci is likely at the top of his agenda.

One potential trade partner for the Oilers is the San Jose Sharks, a rebuilding team within their own division. The Sharks have had a promising offseason, starting with selecting centre Macklin Celebrini first overall in this year's NHL entry draft and then picking defenceman Sam Dickson 11th overall. These moves indicate a bright future for San Jose, but the team still needs experienced players to bridge the gap as their young prospects develop.

Ceci could be an ideal fit for the Sharks' current needs. Despite having some inconsistencies, particularly during playoff runs with the Oilers, Ceci is a dependable defenceman who can log heavy minutes. This capability is crucial for a team like San Jose, which aims to gradually integrate its young talent into the NHL. Having a veteran like Ceci to shoulder the workload on the blue line would allow the Sharks to ease their younger defencemen into the league, preventing them from being overwhelmed and providing them with a model of stability and professionalism.

Trading Ceci to the San Jose Sharks presents a win-win scenario, similar to the one with the Senators. This potential move also underscores the intricate balancing act NHL teams must perform to manage their rosters and salary caps effectively, ensuring both immediate competitiveness and long-term growth.