3 Potential trade landing spots for Oilers defenceman Cody Ceci

We explore three potential trade destinations for blue-liner Cody Ceci, as the Edmonton Oilers attempt to free up some space for next season's salary cap.
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Defencemen are a highly coveted position in the NHL, and finding a top-end blue-liner is a challenging task. However, there are defencemen who, while not necessarily elite, can eat up significant minutes and provide valuable leadership in the locker room. These attributes make Ceci a potential asset for the relatively young core of the Ottawa Senators.

Drafted by the Senators 15th overall in 2012, Ceci is no stranger to Ottawa. His familiarity with the city and the team could smooth the transition if he were to return. While there would undoubtedly be some adjustments, Ceci's ability to log heavy minutes would be a significant boost for the Senators, who struggled with defensive consistency and keeping pucks out of their net last season.

Ceci's tenure with the Oilers has been marked by ups and downs, including notable lapses during playoff runs. Despite these shortcomings, he's demonstrated his capacity to provide leadership and stability on the back end. For a team like the Senators, which is working to develop its young talent and build a competitive roster, Ceci's experience and minutes-eating ability could be invaluable.

From the Oilers' perspective, trading Ceci would be a strategic move to free up the aforementioned $3.25 million in cap space. This financial flexibility would be crucial in re-signing restricted free agents Broberg and Holloway, both of whom are integral to the Oilers' future plans. Broberg, a promising young defenceman, and Holloway, a talented winger, represent key pieces of Edmonton's long-term strategy, and securing their services is a top priority.

A trade involving Ceci and the Senators makes sense for both parties. The Senators would gain a veteran defenceman capable of providing stability and leadership, while the Oilers would gain much-needed cap space to re-sign crucial young players.