3 goaltenders the Oilers should trade for at the trade deadline to boost their playoff chances

As we drawn closer to the deadline, here are 3 realistic goaltending optioins for the Oilers.

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Could the Oilers acquire Kaapo Kahkonen?
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Kaapo Kahkonen - San Jose Sharks

As the Edmonton Oilers navigate the trade market in their quest to fortify their goaltending depth, a potential alternative emerges should negotiations with the San Jose Sharks on Mackenzie Blackwood hit a roadblock. The Oilers can shift their focus to Kaapo Kahkonen, the talented netminder currently sharing the crease with Blackwood in San Jose. Exploring Kahkonen as an option provides the Oilers with an opportunity to secure a reliable goaltender who could prove instrumental in their playoff aspirations.

Kaapo Kahkonen has showcased his goaltending prowess throughout his career, making a name for himself as a dependable presence between the pipes. The Finnish netminder has consistently demonstrated the ability to make crucial saves and contribute to his team's success. With experience as both a starter and backup, Kahkonen brings versatility to the table, making him a valuable asset for a team like the Oilers in need of goaltending depth.

The dynamic between Mackenzie Blackwood and Kaapo Kahkonen in San Jose has been noteworthy, with both goaltenders playing pivotal roles for the Sharks. While Blackwood has been the primary starter, Kahkonen's contributions as a backup have been crucial in maintaining a competitive edge. The Oilers, in search of a tandem that can share the workload effectively, could benefit from Kahkonen's ability to seamlessly step into a starting role when required.

If discussions with the Sharks regarding Mackenzie Blackwood prove challenging or unfruitful, turning their attention to Kaapo Kahkonen provides the Oilers with a viable Plan B. Engaging in negotiations with San Jose for Kahkonen could lead to a mutually beneficial arrangement, ensuring the Oilers secure a goaltender who aligns with their strategic needs and contributes to the team's overall success.

Kaapo Kahkonen's adaptability and consistent performance make him an attractive option for the Oilers. Whether providing support to Stuart Skinner or stepping into a starting role, Kahkonen's presence would add a layer of stability to Edmonton's goaltending unit. His experience in various situations, coupled with his proven skill set, positions him as a reliable asset capable of contributing to the Oilers' postseason ambitions.