3 goaltenders the Oilers should trade for at the trade deadline to boost their playoff chances

As we drawn closer to the deadline, here are 3 realistic goaltending optioins for the Oilers.

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Could the Oilers acquire Marc-Andre Fleury?
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Marc-Andre Fleury - Minnesota Wild

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, the Edmonton Oilers find themselves in a pivotal position, contemplating strategic moves to bolster their playoff chances. One name that should be on their radar is veteran netminder Marc-Andre Fleury of the Minnesota Wild. Despite Fleury's initial reluctance to be moved, recent developments in the Wild's playoff race might open the door for a potential trade. Acquiring Fleury could prove to be a game-changing move for the Oilers, providing not only a seasoned playoff performer but also invaluable mentorship for emerging goaltender Stuart Skinner.

Marc-Andre Fleury boasts an illustrious career marked by numerous playoff appearances and, most notably, three Stanley Cup championships. His wealth of experience in high-pressure situations could be the missing link the Oilers need for a deeper postseason push. As the Wild's playoff prospects become uncertain, Fleury's willingness to contribute to a playoff-bound team might align perfectly with the Oilers' aspirations.

Stuart Skinner's meteoric rise as the Oilers' go-to goaltender has been a revelation this season. However, the demands of an NHL season can take a toll on even the most promising young talents. Bringing in a seasoned veteran like Marc-Andre Fleury would not only alleviate the pressure on Skinner but also provide invaluable mentorship. Fleury's guidance could be instrumental in Skinner's continued development, ensuring a smooth transition from potential fatigue to sustained excellence.

While Fleury has expressed his commitment to the Minnesota Wild's playoff push, the unpredictable nature of the NHL season means circumstances can change rapidly. If the Wild find themselves fading in the playoff race closer to the deadline, the team might reconsider its stance, opening the door for potential trade discussions. With their sights set on a deep playoff run, the Oilers should closely monitor this situation and be ready to seize the opportunity to acquire a goaltender of Fleury's calibre.