3 goaltenders the Oilers should trade for at the trade deadline to boost their playoff chances

As we drawn closer to the deadline, here are 3 realistic goaltending optioins for the Oilers.
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Could the Oilers acquire Mackenzie Blackwood?
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Mackenzie Blackwood - San Jose Sharks

As the Edmonton Oilers seek to fortify their goaltending depth, one name that should be on their radar is Mackenzie Blackwood of the San Jose Sharks. In the pursuit of a netminder who can seamlessly share the workload with Stuart Skinner, Blackwood emerges as a compelling choice. With a proven track record as a starter for both the Sharks and the New Jersey Devils, Blackwood could bring the experience and reliability that the Oilers need to navigate the challenges of the season.

One of the key reasons the Oilers should consider Mackenzie Blackwood is his impressive resume as a starting goaltender. Blackwood has demonstrated his prowess between the pipes, earning a reputation as a netminder capable of handling the pressures of a starting role. His tenure with the Sharks and the Devils showcased his ability to consistently deliver solid performances, making him a valuable asset for any team in need of goaltending depth.

Stuart Skinner's emergence as a formidable goaltender for the Oilers has been a highlight of the season. However, the recent signs of fatigue and occasional struggles emphasize the necessity of a reliable backup. Acquiring Mackenzie Blackwood would not only provide the Oilers with an experienced goaltender but also allow Skinner the necessary rest to maintain peak performance. Blackwood's ability to seamlessly step into a starting role when needed ensures a smooth transition without hindering Skinner's development.

Crucially, Mackenzie Blackwood does not pose a threat to Stuart Skinner's progress. Unlike some goaltenders who may challenge for the number one spot, Blackwood's skill set positions him as an ideal backup, capable of seamlessly sliding into the starting role when required. This dynamic ensures healthy competition and collaboration, fostering an environment conducive to both goaltenders thriving and pushing each other to excel.

In the quest to solidify their goaltending tandem, the Edmonton Oilers should strongly consider making a move for Mackenzie Blackwood. His proven track record as a starter, coupled with the ability to seamlessly complement Stuart Skinner, makes him an attractive option for the team. Acquiring Blackwood not only addresses the current need for a reliable backup but also sets the stage for a goaltending partnership that can elevate the Oilers to new heights. As the trade deadline approaches, the potential addition of Mackenzie Blackwood could be a game-changer for the Oilers in their pursuit of playoff success.