3 goaltenders the Oilers should trade for at the trade deadline to boost their playoff chances

As we drawn closer to the deadline, here are 3 realistic goaltending optioins for the Oilers.
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The Edmonton Oilers' rollercoaster of a season has taken a noticeable turn after an impressive run that included both an 8-game and 16-game winning streak. However, the recent string of losses, winning just 1 out of the last 4 games, has raised concerns among fans and analysts alike. While goaltender Stuart Skinner has admirably shouldered the load, the Oilers are facing challenges in maintaining a balance between solid defense and consistent goaltending. This calls for a closer look at the team's defensive strategies and the need for a reliable backup to alleviate the pressure on Skinner.

Stuart Skinner's performance this season cannot be understated. The young goaltender has displayed remarkable skill and resilience, often standing tall between the pipes for the Oilers. However, the toll of an increased workload has become evident in recent games, with Skinner appearing fatigued and conceding more goals than usual. Despite the setbacks, Skinner's efforts have kept the Oilers competitive, emphasizing the need for a reliable backup to share the goaltending responsibilities.

Calvin Pickard has stepped in admirably to provide relief for Skinner on occasion, but the Oilers require a backup goaltender who can consistently split the burden and offer reliable performances. While Pickard has had moments of brilliance, the team is in dire need of a backup goalie capable of maintaining a high level of play, ensuring the team remains competitive even when Skinner is off the ice.

The recent struggles highlight the importance of finding a balance between a strong defensive lineup and reliable goaltending. The Oilers must address defensive lapses and tighten up their overall gameplay to provide adequate support for their goaltenders. Acquiring a dependable backup goaltender is a crucial step in achieving this balance, ensuring that the team remains competitive through the ups and downs of the season.

As the Edmonton Oilers navigate the challenges of the season, a critical focus on defensive strategies and the acquisition of a reliable backup goaltender becomes imperative. Stuart Skinner's outstanding efforts need to be complemented by a solid support system, allowing the team to maintain its momentum and secure a strong position in the playoff race. With strategic moves and a commitment to defensive stability, the Oilers can reclaim the magic that characterized their earlier success and continue their journey toward postseason glory.