3 Edmonton Oilers players who must step up following Sam Carrick trade

For at least 3 players, the recent trade involving Sam Carrick poses a threat to their position on the Edmonton Oilers roster.

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Mattias Janmark

As the potential threat of Sam Carrick vying for a roster spot with the Edmonton Oilers looms over both Connor Brown and Derek Ryan, another player, Mattias Janmark, is in a similar spot as these two. Janmark may be a favourite to hold his spot, but depending on how Brow, Ryan and Carrick play Janmark could be the odd man out.

Mattias Janmark brings a unique blend of speed, skill, and versatility to the ice, making him a valuable asset for any team. His ability to excel in both offensive and defensive roles has earned him the respect of coaches and teammates alike. Now, with the potential for increased competition for roster spots, Janmark needs to step up and solidify his place within the Edmonton Oilers lineup.

Janmark's versatility makes him a valuable asset in various situations. Whether he's playing on the wing or slotting into a center role, Janmark shows commitment to excellence, adapting to the demands of the situation and contributing in meaningful ways. His ability to seamlessly transition between different roles provides the coaching staff with flexibility in their lineup decisions and enhances the team's overall depth.

Connor Brown and Derek Ryan face the challenge of defending their roster spots against potential competition from Sam Carrick, Mattias Janmark needs to be ready to make his mark with the Edmonton Oilers and hold his spot. With his speed, versatility, and leadership qualities, Janmark’s ability to play in all aspects of the game will come in handy down the stretch. As the season progresses, eyes will be on Janmark as he continues to showcase his talents and solidify his place within the Edmonton Oilers lineup.

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There is over one month left in this season and the Oilers will be a playoff team. Even though we know they will make it there, they will want to figure out where everyone will fit prior to game one. These are going to be an important 19 games and I look forward to seeing how it all turns out.