3 Areas The Oilers Need To Improve On In Order To Win Game 3

After losing game 2 to the Los Angeles Kings here are three areas the Edmonton Oilers need to improve on.
Edmonton Oilers Goalie Stuart Skinner
Edmonton Oilers Goalie Stuart Skinner / Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

As the Edmonton Oilers gear up for Game 3 against the Los Angeles Kings, they find themselves in a pivotal moment in the series. Tied at one game apiece, the Oilers are eager to gain an edge and take control. To secure a victory in Game 3, they must address several critical areas that could make all the difference in the outcome.

Stuart Skinner's Spectacular Saves

In the playoffs, goaltending can often be the determining factor in a game's result. Stuart Skinner has shown flashes of brilliance throughout the season and now is the time for him to shine in the playoffs. In Game 3, Skinner needs to elevate his performance and steal away scoring opportunities from the Los Angeles Kings. Making key saves, especially during crucial moments of the game, can swing or maintain momentum in Edmonton's favour and deflate the Kings' offensive efforts. If Skinner can stand tall between the pipes and deny the Kings with some remarkable saves, it could be the game-changer the Oilers need.

Seizing the Lead Early

One of the most important things is to score early and put pressure on the Kings. For the Oilers, getting on the scoreboard first in Game 3 should be goal number 1. Not only does an early lead boost confidence, energize the team and silence the Kings fans, but it also forces the Kings to play catch-up hockey. Making the Kings chase the game not only disrupts their game plan but also puts them under immense pressure. By setting the pace early on and maintaining control of the game, the Oilers can dictate the flow and rhythm, giving them a significant advantage.

Defensive Discipline

While the Oilers' offense often receives the positive spotlight, a solid defense is equally crucial, if not more so, in securing victories, especially in playoff matchups. The Oilers must tighten up defensively and limit the scoring opportunities for the Kings' forwards. This means maintaining proper positioning, cutting off passing lanes, and clearing the crease to prevent second-chance opportunities. A strong defensive effort requires commitment from the entire team, from the defense out to the forwards, backchecking diligently. By stifling the Kings' offensive firepower and frustrating their scoring attempts, the Oilers can tilt the game in their favour and gain control of the series.

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As the Edmonton Oilers prepare to face off against the Los Angeles Kings in Game 3, they must focus on these key adjustments to secure a pivotal victory. Stuart Skinner must elevate his game between the pipes, the Oilers need to strike early to put pressure on the Kings, and they must tighten up defensively to limit the Kings' scoring chances. By addressing these three areas, the Oilers can tip the scales in their favour and take a significant step towards advancing in the playoffs.