6 Choices for Oilers on the future of Ken Holland

General Manager Ken Holland and Chairman Bob Nicholson of the Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
General Manager Ken Holland and Chairman Bob Nicholson of the Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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Edmonton Oilers Ken Holland
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

4) Holland changes roles

If Holland wants to continue on in hockey operations but is not ready to step away into retirement altogether, this would definitely be the next option for him. Nicholson has already done this, moving down from Oilers chairman to Special Advisor and Alternate Governor, Hockey Operations.

Would Holland be next to take more of a backseat? Detroit tried to promote Holland to the franchise’s president five years ago and he only lasted mere months in that role, before jumping ship to the Oilers as GM. Of course that was five years ago; times change, people change. Is Holland ready to ride off into the sunset with one foot into retirement?

Maybe. At this point, only he knows that. Perhaps stepping into a lesser role at his age would be beneficial to him in many ways, not the least of which is physically and mentally. But, I’ve seen others his age get insulted and offended when presented with this option, even when it seems like it’s something they might want.

Some people are not built for retirement, they have the energy and desire to keep working until they’re dead. Holland is not like Peter Chiarelli, he doesn’t withdraw into himself for no reason and stop taking advice from others. In fact, from what I’ve heard he actively seeks it from the rest of his management group.

Some people aren’t happy being in a lesser role, as they have to be the ones in charge. I can’t say for sure if Holland is this type or not.

5) Holland comes back but for a shorter contract

Perhaps retirement is on Holland’s radar but just not right now. Maybe he still wants to run the show, but not for five years again.

Maybe he signs on for only two or three seasons instead of five. This would probably be the most beneficial option for the Oilers from their perspective, as it would give them some time to groom a replacement for Holland. All we know at this point is it won’t be Steve Staios, since he’s jumped ship to Ottawa where he has history with the new ownership group there.

If this happens it’ll probably be Holland’s idea since, as I previously mentioned, he’s earned the right to determine his own fate to an extent.

And now for the most obvious choice……