Edmonton Oilers @ Seattle Kraken: Need To Extend The Lead

Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane (91) carries the puck up ice. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane (91) carries the puck up ice. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports /

The Edmonton Oilers are in Seattle this afternoon to take on the Seattle Kraken. This is a pivotal game in the Pacific Division standings. The Edmonton Oilers are currently one point ahead of the Kraken but have played one more game. Kraken currently has the better winning percentage.

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As I noted in an earlier article if the Edmonton Oilers want to get home-ice advantage in the playoffs they need to win the interdivisional games. This is the last meeting against the Seattle Kraken, but they still play the Golden Knights and the Kings twice. If they win all these games that would pull them 4 points closer to home ice.

The Road To Edmonton Oilers Home Ice Starts Today

If the Edmonton Oilers win this afternoon that would put extend the lead on the Seattle Kraken. The Edmonton Oilers and Seattle Kraken have almost identical records in their last 10 games. With the Oilers going 6-4-0 and the Kraken going 6-3-1.

This is the main reason the Oilers need to beat the Kraken. The Oilers are playing good hockey lately, but so are the Kraken. The only way to guarantee that the Oilers extend the gap is to beat the team you are pulling away from and that starts today.

Keys To An Edmonton Oilers Win

Like most games, the Oilers play they seem to live and die on the ability to not give up goals in bunches. If they just give up one goal and are able to calm the game back down and get back to playing their game, they seem to win the game.

In all the most recent losses the Oilers have lost the game in a 5-minute interval where they have given up multiple goals that have cost them the game. In the games they have won, they are able to stop the bleeding and in most cases, they actually have scored right after taking momentum back.

The Oilers do have the advantage on special teams. The Oilers and their 31.5% powerplay go against the Kraken and their 19.7% powerplay. That is a large advantage for the Oilers. The penalty kills on the other hand are equally as bad at 75.3%(Oilers) and 74.5%(Kraken) as they are the 25th and 26th ranked in the league.

This is a crucial game for the Edmonton Oilers to win. As the season winds down each win become more and more important as the Oilers need the points, but more importantly you want to go into the playoffs playing and feeling good about your game. I think this is a good year for the Oilers to go deep and that all starts today.

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