Edmonton Oilers Skate Away With Win Against NHL’s Best

Edmonton Oilers Stuart Skinner and Mattias Ekholm Celebrate Win. Mandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
Edmonton Oilers Stuart Skinner and Mattias Ekholm Celebrate Win. Mandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports /

The Edmonton Oilers were able to come back from a 2-goal deficit after the first period to hand the Boston Bruins only their 9th regulation loss this season.

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As I mentioned in the pre-game article I thought that this was going to be an exciting game to watch. Both of these teams have Stanley Cup aspirations and if this ends up being the cup final I don’t think there will be many complaints about the quality of the games they get to watch.

Edmonton Oilers Showed No Quit

To start this game the Edmonton Oilers had spent a good period of time in the Boston Bruins end and they appeared to be in control. That changed very quickly as Brad Marchand came in and on the Bruins first shot beat Skinner to make it a 1-0 game early in this game.

Then at the end of the period as the clock virtually struck zero Pastrnak scored with a one-timer from the slot. Just like that the Edmonton Oilers allowed a goal on the first and last shot of the first period.

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Goals at the end of periods can be real heartbreakers for a team because they have the whole intermission to think about them and doubt can creep in. That wasn’t the case tonight for the Edmonton Oilers.

The Edmonton Oilers kept plugging away against the Boston Bruins and eventually found themselves being up a goal and eventually winning the game. Honestly when it was 2-0 Boston my hopes weren’t very high that the Oilers would come back, but they did.

This Game Could Start A Big Streak

With this win, the Edmonton Oilers are currently on a two-game winning streak. That being said a hard-fought emotional game like this is a game that could be the start of a long winning streak.

The Edmonton Oilers have had a couple of decent streaks so far this season and most of them have had a game like this early on in them. Not only did they beat the NHL’s top team, but they came from behind to do it.

This type of game is one that has the ability to bring the team together and get the combative juices flowing. With the new players on the team, it is something they probably haven’t felt all season as they came from non-playoff teams.

Tonight’s win against the Boston Bruins will hopefully have a rejuvenating effect on this team. There are only 16 regular season games left and if the Edmonton Oilers get on a hot streak now it couldn’t come at a better time as they will be heading into the playoffs as a heavy favourite to come out of the Pacific Division.

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