Keys To An Edmonton Oilers Victory Against The Columbus Blue Jackets

Edmonton Oilers face the Columbus Blue Jackets this morning. Credit: Gaelen Morse-USA TODAY Sports
Edmonton Oilers face the Columbus Blue Jackets this morning. Credit: Gaelen Morse-USA TODAY Sports /

Saturday, Feb 25. 113. 10:30 AM MST. 32-19-8. 148. 18-35-5. Oilers -1.5. Sportsnet

The Edmonton Oilers finish up a short two-game road trip this morning in Columbus. The Edmonton Oilers and the Columbus Blue Jackets are having exact opposite seasons. The Edmonton Oilers are fighting to be at the top of the Western Conference whereas the Columbus Blue Jackets are fighting to get the first overall pick in this coming draft.

Just because a team is having a rough season doesn’t mean they can’t win. Even though the Jackets are the worst team in the league they still have won 18 games and are still going to win more moving forward.

The Edmonton Oilers can’t sleep on them today. Here are three things to make sure the Edmonton Oilers get the win in this matinee game.

Edmonton Oilers Depth Needs To Keep Rolling

In the last couple of games, the bottom six of the Edmonton Oilers have been outdueling the other teams’ lower half. This is something I hope keeps on continuing for the rest of the season and into the playoffs.

When the Edmonton Oilers start playing tougher opponents the top six’s usually are fairly even when it comes to goals for and against because they are the best players in the league. These games will be won in the bottom six.

If the Edmonton Oilers can keep the bottom six players playing well and outscoring their opponents I think the Edmonton Oilers will go far in the playoffs again this year.

Keep McDavid and Draisaitl Hot

I noted above that the bottom six are really firing on all cylinders right now. The good news for the Oilers and bad news for the Columbus Blue Jackets is, McDavid and Draisaitl are also heating up.

No opposing team wants to hear, the fact that two of the best players in the world are on a heater, and right now that is the case. It seems like right now it is guaranteed that Draisaitl will score a goal and McDavid will have at least 3 points in a game.

I see no reason that this is going to stop today, but if it does keep going the Oilers should have no problem walking away with a win against the Blue Jackets.

Don’t Be Afraid To Kick The Columbus Blue Jackets While They Are Down

As I mentioned above the Columbus Blue Jackets are the worst team in the league right now. This is something I want to see the Oilers show. The Edmonton Oilers are planning to be one of the best teams in the league.

Being one of the nest teams means when you face the last-place team you need to not only beat them, but you need to BEAT them. If I was to bet on something today I would bet on the fact that the Edmonton Oilers not only win this game, but they win by more than two goals.

If you are watching this game buckle in cause it is going to be an enjoyable game where the Oilers work the Columbus Blue Jackets. It will either be that or it will be a bunch of mad Oilers fans complaining about how the Oilers can’t beat the bottom teams.

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