Edmonton Oilers Should Trade For Colton Parayko

Should the Edmonton Oilers trade for Colton Parayko? Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
Should the Edmonton Oilers trade for Colton Parayko? Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports /

I was looking at the TSN Trade Bait List at who the Edmonton Oilers could use. Not looking just for this year, but the future as well. Then I got to number 15 on the list and saw Colton Parayko.

First of all, I don’t really know why the St. Louis Blues would look at trading him. He is their best defenceman. I understand selling all your assets during a rebuild, but he is still under contract till the 2029-30 season. He would be a good presence on the team if it was rebuilding.

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If He Is Available The Edmonton Oilers Need To Take A Swing

Over the last week or so everyone in Edmonton Oilers land has been talking about bringing in Erik Karlsson. I still think bringing in Erik Karlsson would really improve the Edmonton Oilers, but I would like to see how Colton Parayko improves the defence on this team.

Everyone that doesn’t want to bring in Karlsson calls out his poor defensive game. This is not at all the case with Colton Parayko. Colton Parayko has been a staple on the Blues blueline for the last few years.

He is having a tough year this season, but to be fair so is most of the St. Louis Blues, queue how they have traded away their top goal scorer and captain in order to help speed up a rebuild. Hopefully, if he comes to a contending team like the Edmonton Oilers he will be able to find success.

Colton Parayko Will Be A Costly Acquisition

If you didn’t like all the trade proposals for Erik Karlsson, then you aren’t going to like what it is going to cost to bring in Colton Parayko. He isn’t as good as an overall player as Karlsson, but he is younger and under contract for longer.

I honestly think the price to acquire them is going to be around the same for that reason. So, from the Edmonton Oilers perspective, they will have to weigh out if they want to bring in a superstar player for a few years or a solid defender for many years.

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