The Edmonton Oilers Plan For The Trade Deadline

Edmonton Oilers General Manager, Ken Holland (Photo by Dave Reginek - Pool/Getty Images)
Edmonton Oilers General Manager, Ken Holland (Photo by Dave Reginek - Pool/Getty Images) /
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Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

That’s right, the pestilence of Matthew Tkachuk won the car at the All-Star game. Oh well, at least we don’t have to deal with him as much as we used to now.

Anyway, I thought I’d post some thoughts on the NHL All-Star game that took place last weekend. Is it just me or is the skills competition getting a bit too gimmicky?

After all, old standbys like the fastest skater, accurate shooter, etc. are fine but the Happy Gilmore-style golf game was ridiculous and over the top. Also, Happy Gilmore? Really? We’re going to base an All-Star event on a movie from 1996? Not exactly the most current reference, NHL.

The only thing amusing about the on-the-ice shot with the putter was one of the mascots pretending to chirp David Pastrnak by holding up a sign that said “I don’t even like pasta” which made me laugh. Personally, I could do without that level of goofiness – and I don’t know what the NHL was thinking because if you want to show off the skill required to play hockey then why would you incorporate another sport into it? Maybe showcase hockey by competition of hockey skills? It’s a radical concept, I know, but it just might work……

The surfboard dunk tank was just stupid and irrelevant. Again, what does surfing have to do with playing hockey? Is the NHL so desperate for attention that now they have to incorporate two completely irrelevant sports into their all-star game? Thankfully they’re going to Toronto next year so they won’t be able to duplicate that stupidity into the next all-star game.

I also felt very sorry for the mascots who had to be at that event. I really hope the costumes had fans in them, otherwise, the people inside those costumes probably would’ve melted in the Florida heat.

Knowing the NHL, though, they’ll probably partner up with the CFL and NFL in Toronto and make a few players play hockey with footballs – with Canadian rules, naturally – just to embarrass themselves even more by incorporating other sports for attention.

The game itself was fine, other than the fact that it didn’t exactly showcase the players’ speed and of course, the Pacific division lost. But, even then, cheering for Calgary Flame Nazem Kadri is just unnatural anyway, so maybe it’s just as well…..

Most years I tend to not bother tuning into the All-Star game and whenever I do I am always amazed by how ridiculous the whole thing looks. Maybe I take a break from it next year.