3 Things That Need To Happen If The Edmonton Oilers Miss The Playoffs

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The way the Edmonton Oilers have been playing this season has been hot and cold. Right now it is more cold than hot. If this trend continues the Edmonton Oilers will find themselves on the outside of the playoff picture looking in.

After losing 6-3 to the Los Angeles Kings last night the Edmonton Oilers currently sit in the final Wild Card spot in the Western Conference. They hold down that spot now, but the teams behind them in that standing all have games in hand and will likely pass them in the standings.

If the Edmonton Oilers don’t make the playoff it will be a huge failure on this team’s part. The Oilers would have gone from one of the top 4 teams to a non-playoff team in a matter of months. This team is in a window where it needs to win the Stanley Cup and if it doesn’t it should be considered a failure.

If it is the case and the Oilers do miss the playoffs there are going to need to be some changes around this organization. These changes are going to need to be at all levels of the organization. Hopefully, they all have the effect of making the team better.

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