Edmonton Oilers Pre-Season Game 2 vs Seattle Kraken

Devin Shore #14, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images)
Devin Shore #14, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images) /

The Edmonton Oilers look to win their second pre-season game in as many nights after they beat the Winnipeg Jets, as they take on the Seattle Kraken in Seattle. This will be the Kraken’s first pre-season game of the campaign.

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The Kraken are in their second season in the league and are looking to improve on their subpar expansion season. For them that will start tonight. The Kraken still are a team that are looking to find their identity.

Unlike the expansion team before them the Kraken have yet to find the success that the Vegas Golden Knights have found. For the Kraken, I think they are looking to build a team that can be competitive in the future and stay competitive. The Golden Knights have been competitive, it is just now they don’t have much of a future or cap space to help in the future.

The Edmonton Oilers aren’t much to talk about cap space either. They have just over $100 in cap space if they set their roster up the right way and with only 21 players on the roster. Do you need more than 21? No, but you better hope everyone stays healthy. The difference between the Golden Knights and the Edmonton Oilers is the Oilers have 2 All-Stars.

That is they way I think Seattle is trying to do things. Get your players through the draft and build internally. It is much more economical than buying your players via free agency or trade. So expect the Kraken to be a competing team in a couple years with their own home grown talent.

Edmonton Oilers Versus Seattle Kraken

If you watched the game last night against the Vancouver Canucks expect a different type of game tonight. The Seattle Kraken are dressing a much better team than the Canucks last night.

To go with the Kraken putting out a better team in my opinion the Edmonton Oilers are putting out a not as skilled team as they did last night. Here is the projected lineup for the Oilers.

There is a few players of note in the game. Yamamoto, Barrie and Broberg are players I am going to keep my eyes on. The Janmark-Shore-Ryan line is also a group to watch, just for a different reason though.

Those three players will be battling for a spot on this Edmonton Oilers roster. With the cap constraints a mentioned above I think only one of them will be a NHL regular this season. They only have the preseason and training camp to prove themselves. I expect them to pay their hearts out tonight cause their career may be riding on it.

As for the rest of the Oilers lineup there isn’t really a roster spot for them to take. The only other player who may have a chance is Virtanen. Being on a PTO, he is also playing for his career. The positive for him is he is on a PTO, so he doesn’t need to stay with the Edmonton Oilers he is trying to impress all the NHL teams.

The Seattle Kraken Roster

The roster for the Krakren in tonight’s game have much more NHL skills in it. I personally would be surprised if they don’t beat the Edmonton Oilers tonight. With this many regulars playing against the lineup the Oilers have it is quite one sided, on paper at least.

How To Watch?

You can watch this game on EdmontonOilers.com today at 8PM MST. It will be a stream, so don’t expect the best quality of video or instant-replays, but it is still Edmonton Oilers hockey in September and we can’t be picky.

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