Three Players The Edmonton Oilers Could Still Trade

Tyson Barrie #22, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images)
Tyson Barrie #22, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images) /
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Edmonton Oilers forward Jesse Puljujärvi, #13.
Edmonton Oilers forward Jesse Puljujärvi, #13. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Jesse Puljujarvi- RFA

Jesse Puljujarvi is currently an RFA for the Edmonton Oilers. He has a salary arbitration hearing coming up. I would expect him to end up getting somewhere around the $3 million range.

With that price point he would be a very good cost for one of the Edmonton Oilers top two right wingers. The reason I think the Edmonton Oilers may trade Puljujarvi is that he and the Edmonton Oilers have had issues in the past and him and the Oilers may want a clean breakup.

The Edmonton Oilers may want to keep him cause the way he ended last season his trade value may be fairly low. If there is a team that notices the first part of his season and how successful it was then there may be a few teams that are interested.

To me there is no doubt that Puljujarvi will be at least a 20 goal scorer in the NHL. If he can play consistently he should also have no problem being a 30 goal scorer. This is  something that any NHL team could be interested in.

That being said if the Edmonton Oilers and Jesse Puljujarvi are seeing eye to eye, I don’t think that the Oilers should trade him. The only reason he is on this list is due to all the rumours going around saying that Puljujarvi wants a fresh start.

The Edmonton Oilers Don’t Need To Make A Trade

Earlier this offseason I wrote Three Edmonton Oilers That Won’t Be Back Next Season, while only one of those players have been moved, the other two are on this list. For me the moving on from Kassian was the best of the 3.

With that move and Keith retiring it opened up enough cap space to make this team a contender once again. There is still some cap space left, but the Edmonton Oilers don’t need to spend it. This can be used to make additions at the trade deadline.

The way the Pacific Division looks right now the Oilers are the favourites to win the divisions. These ideas above are just to improve the team enough to push for the cup.

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