Three Players The Edmonton Oilers Could Still Trade

Tyson Barrie #22, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images)
Tyson Barrie #22, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images) /
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Warren Foegele #37, Edmonton Oilers
Warren Foegele #37, Edmonton Oilers Mandatory Credit: Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports /

Warren Foegele- $2.75 Million

Warren Foegele is in a spot on this Edmonton Oilers lineup where he fills his bottom six role perfectly, it is just his cap hit is too high for what he does on a game to game basis. Just like Tyson Barrie he is still a solid player, but he replaceable for a cheaper cap hit.

Foegele had an average season last year with the Edmonton Oilers. Personally when they traded for Foegele I thought he would have a bigger impact than what he did. He would have a bug impact one game and be virtually invisible in the next game.

For his $2.75 million cap hit he should be reliable. At his cap hit right now he is just to inconsistent for this team moving forward. He still haas two more full seasons with that contract as well.

Having more years left on his contract could make him more appealing for a team looking to acquire him. This should help Ken Holland make a move more easier. With the fact that Dylan Holloway is likely ready to start in the NHL he could fill Foegele’s spot on the roster and with a much cheaper cap hit.

That is why I think of the bottom six players remaining, Warren Foegele is the likely trade candidate.