How Mike Smith and Duncan Keith decisions can change the 2022-23 Oilers’ season

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Keith and Smith decisions about retirement can change drastically the options for the Edmonton Oilers in the free agency and, consequently, how far the Oilers can go next season

After 16 years without a Western Conference Final. In the year 7 of Connor McDavid and year 8 of Leon Draisaitl the Edmonton Oilers finally met the high expectations and got a playoff run to remember. It feels good, right? The McDavid’s goal in the OT of game 5 against the Flames to will never be forgotten by me, by you (and by the Flames’ fans).

The tension of games 6 and 7 against the Los Angeles Kings follows the same pattern for the Oilers’ fan. But we all know the Oilers could go even further. Being swept by one of the favorites teams of the NHL does not affect this feeling at all.

The Oilers had a lot of “ifs” in this run. “If” Leon Draisaitl and Darnell Nurse were 100% physically. “If” we could rely totally on our goaltender. “If” the defense were better. And the team has to learn with that terrific run to do even better next year. The time to win is NOW

But enough talk, let’s start with some concrete and possible ideas that can make the Oilers do even a better performance next year. And let’s start with… The end

We have two potential retirements for next season, and as the old saying, let’s start with the elderly.

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