Edmonton Vs Calgary Flames- Game 2 Pre-Game

Battle ensued at the end of Game 1 between the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames Mandatory Credit: Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports
Battle ensued at the end of Game 1 between the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames Mandatory Credit: Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports /

The Edmonton Oilers look to bounce back from a lackluster effort on Wednesday as they are back in the Saddledome to take on the Calgary Flames.

148. 1-0. Friday, May 20. 112. Oilers +1.5. 8:30 PM MST. 0-1. Sportsnet

On Wednesday night the Edmonton Oilers had another slow start in the game. 6:05 into the game the Oilers were already down 3-0 to the Calgary Flames. It wasn’t just the first period Calgary scored 42 seconds into the 2nd period as well.

If the Oilers didn’t give up a goal in the first minute of any period in the 9-6 loss they would have finished the game 6-6, but unfortunately a NHL game is 60 minutes not 58. The Oilers need to play a full 60 minutes if they want to win.

They played a couple of bad games against the Los Angeles Kings in the first round. They were able to turn it around and win after their poor efforts, hopefully they can do the same tonight. In game 1 they played a bad game, so for them to be tied 6-6 at one point in the 3rd period is a positive.

Line-up Changes??

Jay Woodcroft already stated that Mike Smith will be starting in net tonight, but will there be any of changes? There wasn’t many players that played a solid game Wednesday. So there is lots to be said for switching up the line-up.

With Warren Foegele being a healthy scratch in the last few games, could he be put back in the line-up. I think this is really on the only change that could be done. You could take Russell out of the line-up and inject Foegele in and go back to the conventional 12 forwards and 6 defense.

Asides from a small tweak like that I don’t expect the Edmonton Oilers to make any changes. I don’t think make a change will make the player play any better. That was the main issue, it was who was playing, it was how the whole team was playing.

Solid Start Is A Key

I have wrote about the Edmonton Oilers needing a good start for 8 games and this will now be the 9th time. The worst part is if the Edmonton Oilers move on in the playoffs I will likely be stating it every game they play.

This is such crucial part of the Edmonton Oilers game. When they have a solid start they win the game. It is that simple. Why they struggle early in games? I don’t know, if I did I would probably have a different job right now.

Is it the coaches not getting the team prepped properly? The team leadership not leading by example? Or just a weird coincidence? It doesn’t really doesn’t matter the reason, they just need to show up to a game. It the NHL Playoffs they shouldn’t need any more motivation to get up for a game than that.


  • The Edmonton Oilers have a solid start and get out to a lead tonight.
  • Mike Smith bounces back and has a solid game.
  • McDavid keeps his multi-point game streak going.
  • Woodcroft makes no line-up changes
  • It is a closer game, 3-2 final
  • Oilers win game 2 and steal home ice from the Flames

Edmonton Oilers Audio

Jay Woodcroft

Zach Hyman

Mike Smith

Playoff Round 2-Game #2

Date: 5/20/2022

Opponent: Calgary Flames

Location: Scotiabank Saddledome

Time: 8:30 PM

Live Stream: FuboTV

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Betting Odds: WynnBET

The Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames betting odds on WynnBET have Oilers as +1.5 point underdogs tonight, while the Flames are the favorites at -1.5. Calgary is also favored with a Moneyline odd of -180 on the night while the Oilers are sitting at +160. Tonight’s game is expected to be high-scoring with an over/under of 6.5 goals on the night.

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