The Edmonton Oilers Will Play The Calgary Flames In Round 2

Edmonton Oilers to battle Calgary Flames on Wednesday. Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports
Edmonton Oilers to battle Calgary Flames on Wednesday. Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports /
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First Game

2. 112. 5. 148. Final

The first game against these two teams went to the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers in this game lead from the start right through to the end of this game. A hat trick by Connor McDavid was the difference in this game.

The Flames were able to cut a 3-0 lead down to just a one goal lead, but the Edmonton Oilers were able to pull away and come away with the 2 points.

Second Game

Final. 3. 112. 5. 148

Another home game for the Edmonton Oilers against the Calgary Flames with similar results to the first one. The game itself was different though. After coming out to a 2-0 lead the Flames allowed the Oilers to score 3 in a row taking over the lead.

It was tied going into the 3rd period where Leon Draisaitl scored two goals in the third, claiming the victory for the Edmonton Oilers.

In this game the special teams played a large part having 3 of the 8 goals scored on the powerplay. This has always been an area of strength for the Oilers and it has carried into this playoffs as well.

Third Game

1. 148. 3. 112. Final

With the Calgary Flames having home ice advantage they are able to beat the Oilers in this game. The Flames played a solid 60 minutes whereas the Edmonton Oilers couldn’t get anything going in this game.

If the Edmonton Oilers look to beat the Flames they themselves will need to play a whole 60 minutes every game. This isn’t the rebuilding LA Kings, it is a conference winning team.

Fourth Game

5. 148. 9. 112. Final

Remember after the Edmonton Oilers lost game 4 to the King 4-0 and we all said that was a bad game played by the Oilers not a good game by the Kings. This game had a similar feel to that game.

The Edmonton Oilers could not get a stop in this game. Koskinen had a SV% of 0.583 and Smith had a 0.846 SV%. They didn’t even give the Oilers a chance to win this game. The offense was good by scoring 5 goals, but you will never win a game giving up 9 goals against.