Game 7- Edmonton Oilers Move On

Edmonton Oilers celebrate series win against the LA Kings. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
Edmonton Oilers celebrate series win against the LA Kings. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports /

148. Final. 0. 67. 2

The Edmonton Oilers have eliminated the Los Angeles Kings tonight with an excellent effort tonight in a 2-0 win. After winning game 6 the Oilers were back at home with a chance to win the series and they were successful in that tonight.

This may have been one of the more controlling games the Edmonton Oilers have played this series. They learned the lessons from previous games, they kept the pedal down and didn’t let the Kings come up for a breath of air. It was definitely a complete game by this Oilers team.

Every Edmonton Oilers Played Their Role

As I said above this was the best game this played this series and it was the perfect game to have this effort. From Connor McDavid and his 27:23 of ice time to Jesse Puljujarvi and his 6:50 played, it didn’t matter who was on the ice there wasn’t any glaring mistakes.

When the Edmonton Oilers lost the games in the series there were errors made by people and most of them were large mistakes. With those mistakes adding up to goals against in previous games, the Oilers cut those out in the last two games and they won the games.

One other player that turned things around from earlier in the series was Mike Smith. Being the sacrificial lamb in game one due to his give away that cost the Oilers a chance to win the the game. From that to 2 shutouts including this shutout in game 7.

It Is Only One Round

I may come off sounding like a post game interview here, but it’s true it is only one round. The NHL Playoffs are long and gruelling, so winning one round doesn’t mean anything. I think this first round is different than others this year.

The Edmonton Oilers got to see lots of different scenarios in this round. The lost game one and had to come back. They had two games won in a blowout. They got blown out in a crucial game 4, followed by losing game 5 in OT.

Being down 3-2 in a series, this team rallied and were able to win a rather convincing game 6, even with their number 1 defensemen, Darnell Nurse, out of the line-up. That lead up to tonight.

Tonight while watching this game I was nervous for the Oilers, but looking back at it, the Kings were never the better team. The Edmonton Oilers took control early and never gave the Los Angeles Kings a chance to get involved.

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Time To Pre-Scout

The other series in the division is also going to game 7. The Dallas Stars will be in Calgary Tomorrow night, and the Edmonton Oilers will be waiting for the winner of that game. As an Oiler fan I am torn here. I can’t cheer for the Flames, but watching a Battle Of Alberta would be amazing to watch.

Looking at the regular season the Calgary Flames were the better team of the two by quite a large margin. The playoffs are a different story thought. The Flames have has trouble getting the offence going against the Stars.

Although stopping McDavid is a lot harder than stoping Johnny Gaudreau. This is why I I’ll never cheering for Dallas tomorrow. The stories with Calgary would be nice, but I think the Edmonton Oilers would match up better against the Stars.


Assuming mostly everyone reading this article right is an Edmonton Oilers fan. You’ve earned the right to celebrate. It’s been 7 long games and late night watching this team. Don’t get caught up in what’s going to happen next round till it is actually here.

Take a look at Toronto, the Leafs were heavy favourites going in, but yet they are done with their season. You have to celebrate when you can because some point it is likely to end. Only one team out of 32 win the Stanley Cup.

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