Edmonton Oilers Vs Los Angeles- Game 3 Morning After

Edmonton Oilers celebrate goal vs Los Angeles Kings Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Edmonton Oilers celebrate goal vs Los Angeles Kings Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

2. 67. Final. 8. 148

Last night was another dominating performance by the Edmonton Oilers. The differential was the exact same as in game two the only difference was the fact the Oilers allowed the Los Angeles Kings to score 2, but the Oilers also scored 2 more.

After the way the Edmonton Oilers dominated in the same fashion as they did on Wednesday night, its hard to see the Kings winning another game. This series should end 4 games to 1 unless the Kings can figure something out.

Edmonton Oilers Positives

  • Oilers powerplay was once again able to score a goal. Making is 5 PP goals in 3 games. That’s 45% this series.
  • 7 even strength goals. After the first game that was an area that needed to improve and boy did it ever.
  • Mike Smith was once again solid. If it wasn’t for him and his 19 saves in the first period this game could have went south early.
  • Evander Kane pots 3 goals, getting his first career playoff hat trick.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins finally gets on the board this post-season with a couple goals.
  • It’s nice to see that this team isn’t 100% relying on McDavid and Draisaitl to pull them along.
  • Penalty contained to be strong allowing only 1 goal on 4 attempts. That is 11/12 through out the series so far. That is about 92% kill rate.
  • Causing the other team to pull their goalie is always fun.

Edmonton Oilers Negatives

  • The Edmonton Oilers are still taking to many penalties. The only good news is the Los Angeles Kings Powerplay is terrible right now.
  • They gave the Kings some momentum at the end of the second. As an fan I was starting to get nervous how LA was controlling the play and scored those 2 goals.
  • The Oilers lost the hit battle. The Kings are the smaller team, this is an area the Oilers need to win on.

Post Game Audio

The Edmonton Oilers look to be unstoppable against the Los Angeles Kings since losing game 1. I honestly don’t see how the Kings can come into the next game thinking they have a chance.

Having won by 6 goals in the last two games the Oilers have taken any all the life out of LA. I really don’t see Jonathan Quick starting next game he has given up lots of goals. I don’t think it matter what goalie is in net thought for the Oilers.

Edmonton is playing some of the best hockey they have played all season and they are doing it at the perfect time. If they can make it through this round, it looks like both the Dallas Stars or Calgary Flames could be beaten by this team.

The Oilers still have two more games to win, so I don’t want to get to far ahead, but it is starting to look this Edmonton Oilers team could go on a run here.

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