2 Trades The Oilers Could Pull Off This Off-Season

Edmonton Oilers Tyson Barrie #22 (Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images)
Edmonton Oilers Tyson Barrie #22 (Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images) /
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The Edmonton Oilers are a step away from being a Stanley Cup contender. With the team being rather quiet at the trade deadline there isn’t much expected of them in the playoffs but they still have a strong enough team to make a deep run. With that being said, many fans are looking forward to the off-season where the Oilers should be rather aggressive in their pursuit of adding players to fill out positional needs via trade, draft and free agency. The focus of my article today is going to be how the Oilers can flip multiple assets in order to make their team stronger, starting with a Tyson Barrie swap.

Tyson Barrie has been involved in trade rumors for a while now and moving him one for one for a defensemen that’s younger and from Alberta could be the upgrade the team has been looking for. Soucy is turning 28 this July, and has 20 points in 56 games with the Seattle Kraken while having an impressive +11. 6’5, 211 pound has been praised by scouts and executives around the league because of his impressive two way game, a game that Tyson Barrie lacks. With Evan Bouchard moving into the Oilers D core full time, he is the ideal power play quarterback and could easily replace the roles Tyson Barrie has had over the last couple of seasons.

Barrie has taken a step back as far as offensive output goes, scoring 36 points in 67 games so far which is a pace that would have him lower then last seasons totals, he also sits at +1. This trade would benefit both teams, as Seattle would get the power play quarterback they have lacked since joining the league and the Oilers would be improving their D zone. On top of all this, the money works just fine, and if Seattle wants to add another piece, it should still be giving the Oilers a slight amount of relief.