Assets The Edmonton Oilers Can Move In A Trade

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Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images)

The Edmonton Oilers are in win now mode. That means there will be an all in approach moving forward and they will be making trades to improve the team. There is lots of rumors on who the Oilers should bring in, but there isn’t many on what goes out. Teams are not just going to give away their good players for nothing. This could be a major issue when it come to the Oilers adding players.

Assets that teams will want from the Edmonton Oilers are draft picks and good young prospects. The Oilers currently can trade most of their picks for the next three years. The only picks they must keep are this year’s 2nd(conditional pick in Duncan Keith trade), 3rd(conditional pick in Duncan Keith trade), and 4th(Dmitry Kulikov trade).

The Oilers also have a few good prospects in the system. The main issues with trading a young player is that there is a chance with injuries they may need to play a role on your team. The Oilers have had that happen this year already when they had injures on defense. If you do trade one away it would most likely be for a roster player anyways so, that shouldn’t be an issue.

I am going to do an in-depth dive into the potential assets that the Edmonton Oilers can give up in a trade.

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