Edmonton Oilers: Pacific Division After One Month

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Edmonton Oilers Center, Connor McDavid #97

Edmonton Oilers Center, Connor McDavid #97 Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The Edmonton Oilers started their regular season on October 13 this year. They won that game and four after that before losing their first game. So far this season the Edmonton Oilers have 2 more wins than every other team in the Pacific Division even though they’ve played the least amount of games.

Before the season I wrote an article, Previewing The Pacific Division, in that article I did an standing prediction. With the injuries to the Vegas Golden Knights and the outstanding play of Jacob Markstrom boosting up the Calgary Flames, I am here to tell you my predictions aren’t looking good.


I have made the standing based on point percentage as opposed to actual points. This will remove the games played bias. There was only one change caused by that, the switching of San Jose and Anaheim.

  1. Edmonton Oilers- 0.818%
  2. Calgary Flames- 0.708%
  3. San Jose Sharks- 0.625%
  4. Anaheim Ducks- 0.607%
  5. Los Angeles Kings- 0.577%
  6. Vegas Golden Knights- 0.538%
  7. Vancouver Canucks- 0.462%
  8. Seattle Kraken- 0.346%

There are a couple surprises on this list for me. The Knights being near the bottom of the standings is something no one saw coming, but with the injuries to their major players it makes sense for them to be down there.

Another surprise is all the Californian teams playing as good as they are. In my preview list I had the Sharks and Ducks being the last two spots of Division. It looks like the veterans of the Sharks and the young players of the Ducks are playing well, but it is still early in the season.

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