Oilers: Leon Draisaitl’s Keys To Success, Profile, And Expectations

The Edmonton Oilers season is right around the corner. Training camp starts in the next week, then the preseason, and then the season on October 13th. It will be here before you know it. So what should fans expect from Leon Draisaitl?

Leon Draisaitl will enter this season with a chip on his shoulder after last year’s ending with the Oilers

Last year during the playoffs Draisaitl had two goals and three assists during the Oilers’ four playoff games, but it was not enough to get them out of the first round or even win a game. This season is a defining year for Draisaitl and the team.

Stats From The Past:

Keys To Success:

1. Continue To Win Faceoffs: Winning faceoffs is critical. Draisaitl has been the team’s best centermen and I do not think that will change this season either. Possession is huge, especially for a team that relies a lot on offensive play. There are some teams that can not control the puck and just play well defensively, but Edmonton is not that team.

2. Linemates Involvement: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins got his big contract extension this offseason. Draisaitl can carry his linemates to good offensive years the same way McDavid can, and I hope he does it this season with Nugent-Hopkins and hopefully Yamamoto whenever he gets re-signed.

3. More 5 On 5 Success: The Oilers need goals at five on five. Draisaitl has scored a lot, he had 15 goals at five on five last year, but that number needs to be higher for a player of his caliber. His success on the power play has a lot to do with being paired with McDavid so let’s hope he can dominate things again this coming year at 5 on 5 and get the team a big lead.

Bold Prediction:

Draisaitl will easily pass the 100 point mark this season. While McDavid is going to be in the ballpark of 150 points I think there is no doubt Draisaitl can reach 120 to 130. His 84 points last year would have given him 123 this past season if it was a full year. So the sky is the limit for Draisaitl.

The Oilers need Draisaitl to be at his best again this season. Maybe he can even compete with McDavid for the best in the league as the two really have been on another level the past few years.