Edmonton Oilers Grades: Mike Smith 2021 Report Card

Mike Smith #41, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)
Mike Smith #41, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images) /

Mike Smith gave the Edmonton Oilers a chance to win almost every night this past season.

The Edmonton Oilers have gone through a few different goalies the past few seasons, but 39-year old Mike Smith has been one of the best for the team. Smith won 21 of the 30 games he started this season, going 21-6-2. The Oilers are lucky to have a guy like Smith in net, and they are going to give him another chance next season hopefully.

There are some goalies out there that could help the Oilers win, but Smith was the right guy this season and he will get another chance with the team hopefully.

Smith will be better when Edmonton has a few more depth players capable of playing any role. This team is filled with goal scorers and players that can be with McDavid, and while having the puck is a great defence, this team could use a few more guys that can block shots and play in their own end.

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Let’s take a look at Smith’s stats from last season:

Mike Smith Stats Breakdown:

Save Percentage: .923

Goals Against Average 2.31

3 Shutouts

Season Grade: A-

Bigger Picture:

Smith was one of the best players on the Oilers during the playoffs. They are going to need him to be as good next season. Yes, the team struggled at scoring goals, but they were in some pretty close games throughout the season.

After getting swept out of the first round, goaltending from Mike Smith is not the issue when it comes to this team. Hopefully, they will address some of the other flaws and Smith is ready to come back and be as systematically sound next season.

Next Season:

I hope Mike Smith sings a one-year deal to stay in Edmonton for another season. I am sure a lot of teams looking for a goalie are going to call Smith, but if he wants a chance to run things back on this season then Edmonton should give him that opportunity to stay with the team.

Back in the Pacific in 2021, I think Smith will be better than ever. He probably will need a solid other goalie to help start some nights but Smith should be able to lead the team one more time on the ice.