How did the Edmonton Oilers get here down 3-0 in the series?

Connor McDavid #97, Jesse Puljujarvi #13, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Jason Halstead/Getty Images)
Connor McDavid #97, Jesse Puljujarvi #13, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Jason Halstead/Getty Images) /

Today could be the last day of the playoffs for the Edmonton Oilers. After a great regular season, this team now finds themselves on the brink of elimination, and it is not looking good.

Edmonton played well in game three, they had a stellar start going up 2-0 in the first period thanks to goals by Leon Draisaitl, but they couldn’t keep Winnipeg at bay and a few costly penalties in the third changed the game giving Winnipeg some life.

Three third-period goals for the Jets helped push this series from 2-1 to 3-0 in Winnipeg’s favor. The Oilers had one of the best regular seasons to date, so what happened?

Things move pretty quickly in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The margin for error is so slim and sometimes there is nothing a team can do to stop other teams’ great players. While Winnipeg has capitalized on chances and stepped up to the plate when they needed to, Edmonton has not been as lucky.

The Edmonton Oilers had a pretty good game three and still find themselves one loss away from this series being over.

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This series has pretty much been one-goal games through the first three matchups. I mean games two and three ended in OT, and game one had a couple of empty-net goals to turn things on their head.

If the Winnipeg Jets can win three straight games thanks to some lucky bounces and just grinding out there, then why can’t Edmonton do the same thing? The one thought I cannot stop thinking about is just how fast this thing has gotten ugly for the Oilers. It seemed like out of nowhere things went from 1-0 to now down on the brink of elimination.

However, the comfort in that is the fact that all it takes is one game to turn this around. Sure Edmonton cannot lose another game, but they can win and keep this thing alive. The Oilers are playing game four later tonight, win and this series is not over just yet, lose and the off-season begins with a lot of angry fans.