Three takeaways from the Edmonton Oilers 1-0 OT loss to Winnipeg

Tyson Barrie #22, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images)
Tyson Barrie #22, Edmonton Oilers (Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images) /

Paul Stastny had the right idea in mind when he put a shot towards the net in overtime. It ended up being the game-winning goal of a tough-fought matchup. While the game was close, the series margin is now beginning to increase for the Edmonton Oilers.

The Edmonton Oilers are now down 2-0 in the series. That is not an outcome that any team is striving for. The Jets are hot, and there is a lot to discuss after this one. Let’s jump right in with three takeaways.

1. The Jets are comfortable. 

Connor McDavid has zero points in two games. After putting up 105 in 56 he has zero in two. This is not ideal. The Jets to start this series were facing their biggest monster. Shutting down McDavid didn’t seem like something they could do, now it seems like the easiest thing in the world.

Everyone on that ice is working together to shut down the Oilers’ high flying offence and they are winning.

2. The Jets are in the moment.

After the game, I turned on the interviews for both teams. Both teams were saying the typical things they usually say in their positions but most of the Oilers were wide-eyed. Edmonton has to be a little shocked to not be able to score after having such a good season. However, on the fly side, the Jets players look to be playing as one.

They do not look shocked to be winning or like this won’t last. The Jets are a team that struggled this season and it made them better. Winnipeg went through their adversity and it made them a playoff team, now we have to wait and see how Edmonton answers with their struggles early in the playoffs.

3. This is the time to shoot the puck. 

Just put the puck on the net. It is time to forget about the regular-season success and realize that Edmonton is probably the underdog now. Winnipeg has found their game after struggling to end the season, can Dave Tippett and company do the same now and fix this?

Edmonton is going to have to set something up now that they cannot pass the puck more than three times without putting a shot on the net. So much of the time in the offencive zone on either the power play or just five on five was spent passing the puck. Yeah, they were setting up some great shots but all that matters right now is putting the puck on the net.

This series can either be halfway done or just getting started. Yeah I mean pressing the panic button after losing the first two games might be an overstatement, but at the same time, something has to change.