Oilers News: Connor McDavid has won the Art Ross Trophy

Connor McDavid #97, Edmonton Oilers Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
Connor McDavid #97, Edmonton Oilers Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports /

The Edmonton Oilers are used to having the Art Ross Trophy winner in their city. This season it belongs to Connor McDavid.

The Edmonton Oilers played their first playoff game of the season last night against the Winnipeg Jets, and it was a fun one to watch. The Oilers were led by their captain Connor McDavid, just like they are all season.

McDavid led the teams in points this year with 105 including 33 goals and 72 assists. Those would be some great numbers during a normal season playing a full 82 games, but doing that in just 56 games is that much more remarkable.

The Edmonton Oilers knew they were getting a career player when they drafted McDavid with the first overall pick in 2015, but winning three Art Ross trophies before turning 25 is pretty remarkable. McDavid has 574 points in 407 career NHL games. While all those goals and personal achievements are great, it is the playoffs that matter most.

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Last night the Edmonton Oilers started their run for the Stanley Cup. McDavid was pretty quiet for the most part last night, but he still looked like an elite player throughout.

McDavid has speed, skill, and a hockey IQ unlike any other that plays the game. The amazing thing is the Oilers have two guys like that on their team. Leon Draisaitl might stand in McDavid’s shadow on the ice, but on his own, he is just as good.

Draisaitl won the Art Ross Trophy last season and he was second in the league in points this year as well. The Oilers have the leaders that are going to lead them to the Stanley Cup, now they just need to wait for it to happen.

Game two of the series between the Jets and Oilers is Friday. Congratulations to Connor McDavid on officially winning the Art Ross trophy with the regular season-ending for all the teams around the NHL. This definitely won’t be the last time he takes home the award in his career if history repeats itself again.