Edmonton Oilers should stay away from any big trades

As the NHL Trade Deadline approaches on Monday, April 12, 2021, the Edmonton Oilers will more than likely not pull any last-minute big trades. Regardless, it wouldn’t even make sense for them to consider any big trades due to their salary cap situation and the fact that their current roster is already built for a playoff run.

Yes, the Oilers could be a bit more consistent when it comes to stringing more wins together or capitalizing on power play situations but regardless, they’ve done well this season. At this point in time, the Oilers are 23-14-2 with 48 points. Their overall defense has stepped up to where they’ve been able to hold onto close leads and leave hockey games victorious.

General manager Ken Holland actually did a great job last Fall in stocking up quality depth for the roster knowing that in a shorted regular season, it would be crucial. Luckily for the Oilers, they’ve almost always had fresh players ready to go in any given notice and the results are clearly showing.

The Edmonton Oilers need to stay away from any major trades

Hopefully, everything falls into place nicely between now and the end of the season but make no mistake about it, the Oilers should stay away from any big trades. Ideally, for next offseason, the Oilers undoubtedly need to add another center and winger to help bolster those positional groups but for now, they are fine.

Your guess is as good as mine to see if this team is built to go the distance in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They have what it takes to get in and potentially make some noise but might not have all the pieces to make this season a legendary one.

Regardless, the Oilers are indeed heading in the right direction for not only now but the future. They have some stars on the team as for next offseason, it’s all about building around players like Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, and Tyson Barrie to truly get to that point where they are a championship-caliber team.

Teams like that aren’t built by making big trades that aren’t necessary and only done for temporary results. Holland is building a team from the ground up by doing it the right way in focusing on the NHL Draft and getting top prospects developed for their time to shine on the Oilers. The franchise is doing all the right things and that includes staying away from any last-minute NHL trade deadline temptations to keep that as their main focus for continued results.