Edmonton Oilers: The small steps needed to make that one big leap

Edmonton Oilers (Mandatory Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports)
Edmonton Oilers (Mandatory Credit: Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports) /

The mantra of “one game at a time” is in full effect when it comes to the Edmonton Oilers. They’ve been inconsistent so far this season as a whole but based on their last game against the Ottawa Senators, things are on the rise. At 8-7-0 this season, the Oilers showed the character of their team even if their offensive dynamic duo tends to have an off night on the ice.

The dynamic duo of Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl has been leading the NHL when it comes to scoring but unfortunately, their 10-game point streaks came to an end on Tuesday. Regardless, the Oilers rose to the occasion and were able to beat the Senators 3-2 without depending on their two top players to deliver.

Last night’s win didn’t come thanks to the sticks of McDavid or Draisaitl but from others, as a matter of fact. Defensemen Darnell Nurse, Tyson Barrie, and Evan Bouchard all did their part to ensure they would leave the Canadian Tire Centre victorious.

The Edmonton Oilers are taking small steps towards the bigger picture

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They all helped score those three goals to get the job done as it goes to show, the Oilers are taking the necessary small steps needed to make that one big leap towards consistent success.

If everyone can chip in and it not always being McDavid or Draisaitl to deliver the goods, it will set this team up nicely as the season progresses.

It’s no secret that the best hockey teams playing today all have top players and lines that deliver results, even on the backend. It’s all about getting production from everyone if a team is to go the distance and be able to not only make the Stanley Cup Playoffs but also push the envelope to keep advancing.

The Oilers are slowly but surely coming along as it’s a great sight to see this team developing with each passing game. When you have everyone chipping in and contributing, the sky is the limit and for the Oilers, they can indeed develop into a team capable of keeping up with anyone in front of them.

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It’s games like these against struggling teams like the Senators that can give the Oilers more much-needed confidence to continue focusing on the little things. You know, the small steps needed to then make that one big leap towards greatness. Hopefully, this is the start of bigger things to come for a team that is still trying to put everything together and be able to beat some of the tougher opponents they’ll be facing.