Edmonton Oilers: Do not hit the panic button just yet

Edmonton Oilers. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
Edmonton Oilers. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports /

Yes, the Edmonton Oilers at this point in time are just 1-3-0. A team that was considered the best when it comes to getting Power Play goals last season, can’t seem to rekindle that magic. The Oilers look like they’re still trying to find their main strength again but make no mistake about it, it is not time to hit the panic button just yet.

Not only is there still a ton of hockey left to be played obviously, but it’s not fair to judge this team on just a handful of games. With hockey back in full swing, all the jitters are still present across the NHL, including the Oilers. Teams are tinkering with their lineups, swapping out goalies to see how others do in certain situations, and yes, learning to gel with the new season finally upon us.

There is no need to be concerned for all the woes the Oilers are having on Power Play situations since they will undoubtedly work on what needs to be fixed. It looks like it’s a mixture of failing to execute in the heat of the moment on top of not having that confidence that was evident all of last season.

The Oilers need to channel that inner beast again, you know, the one that took no prisoners when they had that Power Play advantage on the ice. Opposing teams knew that once the Oilers had a Power Play situation, they would have an extremely high chance of scoring and did it consistently, day in, day out.

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The Edmonton Oilers will be just fine

Put your trust in Dave Tippett to make the necessary adjustments in practice and have that naturally improve as the season progresses.

Last year, the Oilers looked so flawless when it came to Power Play situations that it can be a bit shocking to see how bad it is now. Give it time as Tippett is approaching this season as all us fans should, one game at a time.

In an article written by Rory Boylen for Sportsnet, here’s what Tippett had to say at the Oilers bad start to the new season:

"“You’re taking it game by game,” head coach Dave Tippett said after Monday’s 3-1 home loss to Montreal. “We’re still trying to figure our team out. We gotta get our competitive levels up.”"

In the grand scheme of things, Tippett hit the nail right on the head in his comment. It’s going to take at least another week or two before the Oilers hammer out their issues. Fix the Power Play problems and all of a sudden, the Oilers close the gap when it comes to scoring goals and keeping up with better teams. That will answer their biggest issue so far this season to give a better assessment of where the team truly is at.

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So, take your finger off that panic button. No, the season isn’t over after just a few games as the Oilers will bounce back. We just have to be patient and see how things play out over time. The Oilers will hopefully improve over the next few weeks and especially when it comes to their biggest issue at the moment in Power Play situations. The hockey world will hopefully then see that this team isn’t that bad after all.