Report – Jesse Puljujarvi Wants To Be Traded From The Oilers


Jesse Puljujarvi Does Not Want To Play In Edmonton Next Season

News broke right before noon on Wednesday that Jesse Puljujarvi wants to move on from his Edmonton career and play for another team.  Once upon a time Oilers fans were ecstatic that the pick who was once thought of higher than Laine had fallen to the Oilers at 4th Overall back in 2016.

Rumours have been swirling for months that Puljujarvi was unhappy with the organization and honestly who could blame him?  The young winger has clearly struggled in the NHL since he was first drafted and has failed to gain any traction anywhere.  He has been sent down to the AHL on occasion but brought back up before really having a chance to get comfortable.  Most nights in the NHL he was playing on a fourth line and averaging under 10 minutes a night.

Having said that it is unfortunate to see that this is where the player is at and I truly believe the best option for both the player and the team, is to come to terms on a one year deal, be set up in a better position by TIppett and re-evaluate after this season how both camps feel.

Don’t Sell For Pennies On The Dollar


Ken Holland needs to make the right decision here.  Just because a player has asked for a trade, does not mean that the team needs to bend over backwards to accomadate him.  Puljujarvi is an RFA, meaning Edmonton controls his rights… if he wants to play in the NHL it will be with Edmonton.  Jesse Puljujarvi is likely at his lowest trade value right now; moving him for a mid second round pick would be a massive mistake for the organization.  Edmonton has massive weaknesses on the right side to begin with.  The Oilers need guys who can play now.

Another option for Puljujarvi is for him to spend all of next season in Eruope.  It of course is not an ideal option but it does give the young right winger a chance to play and develop in one spot all season.  Remember, because of his age and games played, Puljujarvi cannot be sent down to the AHL without passing through waivers.  Another blunder by the old Oilers regime.

I look at other players like Jonathan Drouin, who publically asked for a trade from the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Yzerman did not give in to his demands, and the player and team ended up coming to an agreement.  Drouin went on that season to have success going 21-32-53 and then that summer was traded when his value was high.  Edmonton should take note and use a similar strategy.

This draft weekend will be interesting to watch as these reports could be leaked by the team itself to try and drum up more interest in Puljujarvi.  Regardless of whether the young Finn is in Edmonton next season or not, the value that the Oilers get in return needs to be substantial.

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