The Edmonton Oilers Need To Stop Mishandling Prospects

For years, the Edmonton Oilers have mishandled young prospects with minutes, roles or where they should play. It needs to stop moving forward.

There is something fundamentally wrong in how the Edmonton Oilers handle talent on a daily basis. Let’s be more specific. This falls on squarely on Oilers management because for years they have squandered draft picks, prospects, and even current NHL talents as well.

They have never seemed to have any long term goals to develop players or how to utilize them on a game by game basis. It’s clearly disheartening to see how specific players many people expect to be impact stars right off the bat look like they don’t belong on the big stage and deserve to be in the minors.

Case in point, for a player like Jesse Puljujarvi, who seems to be the poster boy of how the Edmonton Oilers have messed up on developing prospects. On the surface, he looked like a top 6 forward on a productive Edmonton Oilers team on the rise in the Western Conference.

Now, his future is uncertain as he has no clue if he’ll be on the fourth line or being stuck in Bakersfield. He has been pulled left and right from the minors so many times that it’s safe to say at this point in time that he might mentally check out from this team all together.

This latest episode of this drama being manufactured by the Edmonton Oilers needs to be put to an end sooner rather than later. Jesse might be the newest causality but could also usurp the lore of prospect fumbles and be the poster boy of this ongoing fiasco.

It reminds me somewhat of Nail Yakupov and all the upside he had when drafted in 2012. All of his potentials was squandered when with coaching changes, lack of direction from management and inconsistent playing time. Jesse might not be as prolific as Nail, but the circumstances are about the same at this very moment.

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The Edmonton Oilers will need to make a final decision and be consistent moving forward on how they should handle their prospects.

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