The Next Three Games Are Critical For The Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers have three more games left on the schedule before the All-Star Break. Can they rack up three more wins in the process?

The month of January has been a weird one so far for the Edmonton Oilers. There is a lot of press and headlines surrounding the impending doom that will befall the city in a few weeks when the trade deadline heats up. Can’t blame anybody who believes that Peter Chiarelli is one lousy trade away from turning this franchise into another lottery dumpster hole.

Despite what shenanigans that the general manager has cooked for this team, the Edmonton Oilers have sported a 5-3 record for the month as All-Star Weekend is closing in shortly. The team is still a mess, but they aren’t quitting just yet.

The next three games that the Edmonton Oilers will be playing will be critical on how Peter Chiarelli will roll the dice. He’s going to use the performance this team puts out to justify whatever trade mandate he has in store, which will not be good for the long run.

Going against the Calgary Flames on Saturday Night will be a significant barometer on how this team will fare moving forward. The Flames have the second best record in the league and have rebounded well since their slow start at the beginning of the season.

If the Edmonton Oilers can knock off the Calgary Flames and then win their last two games against the Detroit Red Wings and the Carolina Hurricanes, the narrative will dramatically change for the better.

The buzz around the Oilers will start to pick up and All-Star Weekend will be the much-needed break this franchise since forever. Chiarelli won’t have to panic and make a silly trade that will put this team back another year and anger the fanbase in the long run (which he already has).

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The Edmonton Oilers have to win these next three games in spite of the general manager and prove to him that they are just fine without his help. That he’ll cause more harm than good and he should be a spectator in the long run.