External Factors Have Handed the Edmonton Oilers their Last 2 Losses

There have been some external factors that may have contributed to the latest losses for the Edmonton Oilers.

It’s been two straight losses for the Edmonton Oilers in the past three days after the fantastic run they’ve had as of late. But these last two losses are against teams they should have beaten and could have marked as automatic wins.

It’s understandable to lose a game against the young and talented Vancouver Canucks that have been playing .500 hockey since the season started. But losing to the St. Louis Blues in almost the same manner as you did against the Canucks is a cause for concern. If you look more in-depth on these two losses, some themes start to pop out on why this team has been performing like this as of late.

One thing to look at very closely is the schedule for the month. The Edmonton Oilers had a grueling schedule in December where they had a game every other night. Also, don’t forget they also had a back-to-back right before these last two losses.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a reigning Stanley Cup Champion or on a full rebuilding mode for a young team, nobody would be able to survive a grueling schedule. But the Oilers have done well this month, posting six wins and four losses.

The biggest glaring hole that the Edmonton Oilers are facing right now is their blue line. With the recent injury of Oscar Klefbom and Kris Russell being placed on the injury reserve, the Oilers defense looks shaky.

The Oilers have always had some profound seated issues with their defensemen, but with the injuries and losses slowly piling up, it has to be addressed ASAP. Rumors have been swirling lately regarding trades coming down in the foreseeable future, and in all honesty, it’ll need to happen. The Edmonton Oilers will need to make some upgrades to move up the Western Conference Rankings.

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At least for now, they can rest up for a big game on Saturday against the Tampa Bay Lightning.