Edmonton Oilers: Sound Two-Way Play Wins Games

The Philadelphia Flyers were the latest victims in the Edmonton Oilers latest run up the Western Conference Standings last night. Can they keep this up?

The Edmonton Oilers are firing on all cylinders, winning their latest game last night against the Philadelphia Flyers. After the overtime loss this team suffered against the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday night, it’s impressive to see them winning convincingly in a back-to-back game scenario.

It’s considered the progress of what this team has accomplished so far since December kicked off. It seems like this has found a grit and grind type of mentality that they plan on staying competitive until the game is over. It’s a far contrast to what they were the last two months before their recent success.

One thing to notice with the Edmonton Oilers is how sound they are on both ends of the ice. Being disciplined wasn’t a characteristic of this team, but somehow it’s been ingrained in them by the coaching of Ken Hitchcock. This old-school coach demands accountability and being specific on what roles players have on a game to game basis.

It’s that type of structure that has allowed this team to play consistent hockey on a nightly basis. The Oilers might look like a playoff wild card team, but the sky is still the limit of what they can improve on.

Mikko Koskinen has been stellar as of late and looks like to be the permanent starter for the foreseeable future. His strong play between the pipes has given this team every chance to stay competitive every night. Some credit has to be given to the blue line for not coughing up insane scoring opportunities that can put the Oilers behind the 8-ball.

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But it’s all about the five players on the ice playing sound defense to stay in these battles every game. The Edmonton Oilers may have a decent record for now. But if they don’t maintain this type of play, they’ll free fall all the way down the standings.

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