Edmonton Oilers: Taking Advantage of Easy Season Schedule

The Edmonton Oilers will be taking advantage of a season schedule where they can rack up timely wins against tired teams. Can they pull it off?

Edmonton Oilers: In the past few days, there was an article posted on Oilers Nation regarding the schedule the Edmonton Oilers will have next season. After the disastrous year that Edmonton had last year, it was exciting to hear that things might be looking up for the upcoming season.

With the coaching staff changes and players getting picked up via free agency or in the draft, this might be the year the Oilers might be able to turn this sinking ship around. Well, they don’t have any other choice because if we see a repeat of what happened last season, this franchise will be forced to rebuild from the ground up probably.

The Schedule

According to the Twitter user IneffectiveMath that Oilers Nation quoted on, the Edmonton Oilers will have the easiest schedule in the league next year. The reason why is that out of the 82 games that will be played, 18 of them will be against teams that played a back-to-back game while they rested. The next team on the list is the Arizona Coyotes with 14 games. This is a massive gift the NHL has handed to the Edmonton Oilers, but the real question is: can they capitalize on it?

That will be the million dollar question that will need to answer as soon as the puck drops on opening night. Last year consisted of Connor McDavid bailing out the team night in and out while his teammates couldn’t even pull their weight.

With the number of changes that have happened with the coaching staff and the roster, those demons in the past shouldn’t be popping out anytime soon. The onus is on the entire organization to take advantage of this golden opportunity that the NHL has gifted them.

If the Edmonton Oilers lose out on this chance to notch up some wins from this flexible schedule, significant changes must be made moving forward.