Edmonton Oilers: Analyzing the Vancouver Canucks Loss

VANCOUVER, BC - MARCH 29: Alexander Edler
VANCOUVER, BC - MARCH 29: Alexander Edler /

The losing streak continues for the Edmonton Oilers as they lost 2-1 to the Vancouver Canucks. Connor McDavid was the lone Oiler to score a goal for the game.

The Edmonton Oilers suffered their third straight loss in a row to the lowly Vancouver Canucks in a game they should have won. What is perplexing was that the Oilers seemed like the aggressive team all night long but couldn’t manage to score or tie the game up.

That has been the theme of their losing streak which has been a far cry from what they have done the past month. This team has usually shown to be trending in the right direction the past few weeks on both ends of the ice, but these consecutive losses aren’t helping their cause.

The only thing going for the Edmonton Oilers is that Connor McDavid is in attack mode and wants to accumulate as many goals as he can. In a sense that is what is keeping this team afloat so far in these past few games but it’s also a detriment to them.

The fact that they are so dependent on their star player to win games for them is, in essence, the opposite of what they are trying to build for the future. Adding so many new players to the fold for the last month of the season, you would think that they would keep that consistency going.

If you want the honest truth, they have been 50/50 on the consistency department.


Look at this game against the Vancouver Canucks; they managed only one goal on 36 shots on net. It’s against a team that wants to tank for the upcoming draft, and they still manage to lose in a 2-1 game.

That’s the real issue with this specific squad; they don’t take advantage of the scoring chances they have. In this game, they had a few chances in the second and third period where they could have tied up the game or taken the lead in specific scenarios, but they blew that chance.

A lot of the Edmonton Oilers fanbase have already given up on the season for a long time, and these kinds of losses are the reason why. Some would be okay with being on this losing streak because it might improve on the Oilers’ draft lottery chances.

That right there is a horrible mentality to conjure up for any organization from the get-go. This loss to the Canucks should be a reminder to everybody that even bad teams still want to win for the sake of competition.

If the Canucks wanted it that bad and are less talented than the Oilers, this franchise should have no excuses for ending this losing streak. Their next matchup will be against the Calgary Flames tomorrow night; they should stop their final encounter with their provincial rival with a win.